Create lifetime
Moments® with Satéur.
any time, any day.

Satéur is identical to diamond
with naked eyes.

“Received mine as a surprise and I loved it. It’s just perfect for creating those sweet memories.”   Marvis E.

Moments for your life.


Create Life Moments® with Satéur.

Every day is a gift - it doesn’t have to be special to make it an endearing moment. This sparkling design is ideal for marking any life moment regardless of the occasion. Treat yourself or loved ones to a gift just to celebrate life’s moments.

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Satéur™.

Satéur™ is created using our exclusive, innovative, cutting-edge technology never known before and cannot be differentiated from a diamond with the naked eyes.

World’s Most Popular Diamond Alternative On The Internet!

With over 50 million engagements on social media, and customers in 113 countries, Satéur is the world’s most popular diamond alternative on the internet! We are a premium brand on a mission, a mission to make you see the difference before you decide to get a brilliant gemstone. Satéur is designed exactly to fulfil your need at less than 1% the cost of actual diamonds.

Looks like Diamond, right? Well, this is really Satéur.

At Satéur, we offer you a sparkling Satéur stone on par with diamonds, of the best possible quality, at an affordable price and basically perfect on cut, clarity, color, and shape. Satéur Stones™ are almost perfect and can be compared to a perfect white diamond (D or E) color. Without any professional equipment, Satéur Stone™ CAN NOT be visually differentiated from diamond. Think about that!


Discover the Moments® by Satéur

Customers Reviews

Lifetime Memories!
“This is the best jewelry gift I’ve gotten from my husband in a long while. I love the simple design and how detailed it is. Look forward to wearing this for years to come ”
Donna T.
South Africa

So heartfelt!
“Our anniversary was last 2 weeks and my boyfriend sent me this Moments® with Satéur jewelry. At first I was skeptical about the quality but now I’m fully in love with this piece. It’s actually so beautiful”
Diane P.
United States

I love it!
“I love the Moments® with Satéur jewelry. Got it delivered from my dad to celebrate my birthday. It’s lovely. - Marianne J”
Laura H.
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